K-RMC Corporation Common Waste/Industrial WasteJapanese
The questions below are often asked. First of all, have a reading please.
Is it possible that waste not included in periodic collection contract could be picked up as waste in contract is collected.
Although it is impossible to collect items not ?in-contract at that time, ones included in our handling items (16 kinds) could be collected after a consultation.
  Is it possible to pick up waste which is separated a few from the track?
An additional charge may be claimed according to the situation. First of all, please contact with us.  
  The pick-up time of large-sized waste can be assigned? It is possible if you make a reservation in advance.  
  Could an estimation( free charge) be made even though a request is not yet decided? Certainly an estimation is of free. And we do our best to provide a sum that could be afforded by a customer.  
  Is waste oil etc. recoverable?

Since it is the handling items of our company, it could be collected.

Could the waste which has been Loaded in a truck be brought to you?

Please just contact with us in advance, and it is acceptable if it is the waste in our Handling items list.


Please Call to 0120-38-1712/048-925-1212܂ reception time: 9:00-21:00
(open everyday)
About waste, have a talk with us.
When you contact with us on Internet,
please choose the INQUIRE button.
Never hesitate to inquire with us about waste K-RMC Corporation